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COVID-19 Vaccination Information - Click Here

Welcome to The Bridges Medical Practice   

With patients' needs at the heart of everything we do, our website has been designed to make it easy for you to gain instant access to the information you need. As well as specific practice details such as opening hours and how to register, you’ll find a wealth of useful pages covering a wide range of health issues along with links to other relevant medical organisations.

Our Mission Statement


Temporary change to Fit Notes

From Friday 17th December 2021 self-certification for sickness will be extended from 7 to 28 days for people accessing Statutory Sick Pay, and there will be no requirement for a fit note to access other benefits. 

This time limited change will end on 26th January 2022.



Consult online

Christmas times

If you require urgent medical help or advice while the surgery is closed, please call 111

Call 999 if you have a life threatening emergency


Pharmacy Christmas Opening Times


Well Pharmacy - 24 Crescent Street  Weymouth 

3.00pm - 5.00pm


Asda Pharmacy - Newstead Road  Weymouth

10.00am - 4.00pm

Boots Pharmacy - 81-82 St Mary's Street  Weymouth

10.00am - 4.00pm


Asda Pharmacy - Newstead Road  Weymouth

10.00am - 4.00pm

Boots Pharmacy - 81-82 St Mary's Street  Weymouth

10.00am - 4.00pm

Morrisons Pharmacy - Dorchester Road  Weymouth

10.00am - 4.00pm


Asda Pharmacy - Newstead Road  Weymouth 

10.00am - 4.00pm

Boots Pharmacy - 81-82 St Mary's Street Weymouth 8.30am - 5.30pm

Boots Pharmacy - 54-56 Fortuneswell Portland  - 9.00am - 5.30pm

Boots Pharmacy - 2 Easton Square  Portland - 8.30am - 6.30pm

Boots Pharmacy - 107 Portland Road   Weymouth- 9.00am - 6.30pm

Boots Pharmacy - Abbotsbury Road  Weymouth - 8.30am - 6.30pm

Morrisons Pharmacy - Dorchester Road  Weymouth

9.00am - 5.00pm

 please be kind

Waiting Well

If you are on a waiting list for an appointment but haven’t heard from the hospital since your referral please be assured that they will be in touch as soon as they are able to schedule your appointment.

The hospital specialty team that you have been referred to will be in touch from time to time to check if any of your symptoms have changed, and to check that you still wish to proceed with your appointment or procedure, the waiting lists are reviewed and re-prioritised on a regular basis so that the most urgent cases are dealt with as soon as possible.

If your condition deteriorates significantly at any point, then you may wish to get in touch with your GP for further advice.  

Please click on this link to take you to the Waiting Well web page for more information.


Child Health

Solar Panels

This solar installation at The Bridges Medical Practice will save 10.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year


We had a cake sale......

On Monday 5th July we had a cake sale to coincide with the NHS 73rd birthday celebrations!

Jo, one of our brilliant receptionists arranged the cake sale with all proceeds to go to the Maternity Unit at Dorset County Hospital.
We had a lovely day, the staff wore pretty colourful clothes and the cakes looked amazing!   We managed to raise £121.64!

A massive thanks to all who brought in cakes and made a donation and of course, thank you Jo for arranging a lovely day!

Cake sale

Dorset Young Listener

Worried about your child? - 'Healthier Together'                Healthier Together

With the easing of lockdown and the approach of autumn, there is likely to be an increase in common childhood illnesses.

We wanted to make you aware of the ‘Healthier Together’ website which is a free and trusted source of useful advice and support for parents and carers of children of any age.


We are here to help

An open letter - Every NHS COVID-19 vaccination gives us hope, helping loved ones

Please click here to view

Nurse with the new doppler

The nursing team would like to say thank you for the kind donations that have enabled us to purchase a new APBI (doppler) machine.  

This has already made a great difference and benefited both the nursing team and patients requiring a doppler.  The machine calculates all the information needed for the nurse to make decisions on the results. It has cut appointment times by half, reducing time patients need to spend in the surgery.   We will have more doppler appointments, and therefore be able to see more patients requiring this service.  This will speed up  both treatment plans and referral times to vascular services if needed.


Solar Panels Poster

We’re helping reduce Dorset’s carbon footprint by installing solar panels.

Our project has been part funded by Low Carbon Dorset as part of the European Regional Development Fund and will save over TEN tonnes of CO2 a year!


An open letter from your local NHS – thank you for your continued support

We’d like to thank you for your continued support for your local NHS.

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS has been working flat out to treat patients as they become seriously unwell with the new illness, whilst keeping other services running.

Through your efforts COVID-19 case rates and hospital admissions have reduced significantly in recent weeks. Yet health services are still under huge pressure.

The roadmap out of lockdown will see restrictions start to lift and the government’s four-step roadmap offers a route back to a more normal life. For this to have the best chance of happening in the time proposed it is vital for us all not to be complacent – undoing all your personal sacrifices and collective hard work, so PLEASE stay vigilant and continue to follow the rules.

Five ways you can help:

•Get tested. Asymptomatic community testing is available to anyone who has to go out to work or who works from home but is within a school household, support bubble or works within the wider school community.

•If you have coronavirus symptoms: a high temperature, new continuous cough or loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, don’t delay, book a PCR test immediately.

•Your NHS is here for you. NHS services are open and safe to use. Speak to your GP if you have a health worry;

•Think NHS 111 first. If you need urgent care, think NHS 111 first. We’ll help you be seen quickly and safely by a suitable service;

•Accept the offer of a COVID-19 vaccine when it is offered to you to help support and protect yourself and loved ones.

Meanwhile, we know that one of the biggest impacts of the pandemic has been on people whose operations and other procedures have been postponed because of pressure on hospitals. We are now looking once more to catch up on the waiting-list backlog. This will take time, whilst strict infection-control measures limit capacity.

There have been real developments throughout the year in treatment. People have also begun to get used to new ways of accessing their GP or out-patient care, using phone and video links to avoid face-to-face appointments and the attendant risk.

Finally, we are so grateful to all those who are helping the incredible COVID-19 vaccine roll-out across the county. This has been an incredible and historic effort.

Thank you.

Signed by:

Professor Alastair Hutchison
Chief Medical Director, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Nicky Lucey
Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Infection Prevention & Control, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Forbes Watson
GP and Chair, NHS Dorset CCG

Dr Karen Kirkham
GP and Assistant Clinical Chair, NHS Dorset CCG

Vanessa Read
Director of Nursing & Quality, NHS Dorset CCG

Professor Paula Shobbrook
Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Infection Prevention and Control, University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Alyson O’Donnell
Chief Medical Officer, University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

Dawn Dawson
Director of Nursing, Therapies and Quality, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Faisil Sethi
Medical Director, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

Sam Crowe
Director of Public Health for Dorset and BCP Councils


From the 29th March 'Stay at Home' restrictions ease and we are able to meet outside in groups of 6 people, or two households.  Please stick to these rules and remember the key behaviours of washing hands, wearing face coverings, making space and meeting in fresh air to help stop the spread of Covid-19.


LEDs logo 

In a bid to reduce our organisation’s carbon footprint we have upgraded our lighting to LEDs
Our project has been part funded by Low Carbon Dorset as part of the European Regional Development Fund and we will save over 20.9 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Polite notice to all our patients

Easy Read


This can be a face covering of your choice, or we can provide a surgical face mask if needed.

Face masks are worn by all our staff all of the time to protect our patients and other staff, especially those whose immune system may be compromised.

Please use hand sanitising gel on entry to the building before you see your clinician, and respect social distancing within the building.

If you cannot comply with this requirement, you will be asked to wait outside and a member of staff will come outside to talk to you.

Thank you all

Bridges Medical Practice partnership


  • General Practice is now busier than ever, as we have to cope with a second Covid wave and continue to provide normal GP care for our patients (but in different ways).

  • General Practice is working in new ways to reduce the risk of Covid to our patients and staff.

  • We are still very keen to hear from patients about significant or worrying symptoms. It is very important that these symptoms are looked into in a timely way to ensure new important conditions are picked up.

  • Whilst most of our initial contacts with patients are by phone or on-line, we are still seeing patients face-to-face when necessary. The hospitals are still open to referrals for all the usual conditions.

  • As we are busier than ever, we hope that patients will understand the immense pressure we are under. We also hope that patients will help us by using the most appropriate service for their condition, remembering that local pharmacists can help for many conditions, and the Urgent Care Centre is open for injuries and urgent presentations. Other ways of helping us include ensuring that no booked appointments are missed, and that patients attend for important immunisations including flu vaccine.

  • We are hopeful that all practices will be able to continue to operate as normally through this difficult time. However, if a practice is badly affected by staff absence, it is possible that some practices may not be able to offer their usual services. We hope that patients would understand in this circumstance that their appointment may be with a different clinician, in a different setting, or postponed.

The Dorset Self-Management Team

For many people, circumstances beyond the purely medical give rise to additional worries, issues and needs.

Social prescribing involves giving people time to focus 'on what matters to me' and takes a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing by offering help to community health groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support, helping to improve their health, wellbeing and social welfare.

Helping Yourself 1


Helping yourself 3Helping Yourself 2


Dorset Minds Support Group

Dorset Minds


This month we are having a real focus on cervical smears for women between the ages of 18 and 65  as part of the national screening programme.

Cervical screening is the best way to protect yourself from cervical cancer.

Cervical screening checks a sample of cells from your cervix for certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV).

These types of HPV can cause abnormal changes to the cells in your cervix and are called 'high risk' types of HPV.

If these types of HPV are found during screening (a HPV positive result), the sample of cells is then checked for abnormal changes.  If abnormal cells are not treated, they may turn into cervical cancer.

The surgery has lots of available time slots for ladies, and be rest assured it is safe for your to attend to have this important test as usual.  Staff will be in PPE and extra time for appointments is being allocated so that extra cleaning can take place.

Extra recall letters are being sent to anyone who missed their screening through the pandemic period to remind you, and if you know you are overdue, even more reason to get the test to look after yourself.

Please do not put this test off, it could save your life.



Open 8.00am - 8.00pm

7 days a week


  • sprains and strains
  • broken bones
  • wound infections
  • minor burns and scolds
  • minor head injuries
  • insect and animal bites
  • minor eye injuries
  • injuries to the back, shoulder an chest





  NHS Diabetes Advice Helpline - FAQs


What it is and who is it for?

NHS Diabetes Advice is provided by NHS England and NHS Improvement in response to disruption to normal services due to the COVID-19 pandemic and response. 

The service is for adults living with diabetes who use insulin to manage their condition and require immediate advice from a team of clinical advisors. 

Whether they or a member of their household have caught the virus, or routine care has been disrupted, the helpline can provide clinical advice to help them understand how to effectively manage their diabetes.


How do patients access it?

The helpline is accessible via Diabetes UK’s support line on 0345 123 2399. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am – 6pm.


What clinical advice will the helpline provide?

NHS Diabetes Advice supports adults living with either type of diabetes who use insulin to manage their condition, and who require clinical advice on topics such as: Hyperglycaemia, Hypoglycaemia, Sick day rules and Missed injections. 

However, the service is not intended to replace routine care, support paediatric patients or support pregnant patients. These patients are advised to contact their own doctor or care team.


Who are the clinical advisors?

NHS Diabetes Advice clinical advisors are volunteers. They are all health professionals with expertise in diabetes. All the advisors providing advice are clinically trained and competent.

Looking After Your Mental Healthevery mind matters

Having a good mental health helps us to relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. There is expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing on the Every Mind Matters website.

There are some helpful tips on the website if you are worried about Coronovirus and advice on maintaining your mental health and wellbeing while staying at home.

Your GP practice is encouraging you to seek medical help when you need it!  Although services are running differently, we are still very much here for you.  Contact the surgery via eConsult or by phone to be assessed.


Here are some of our clinical team in their scrubs kindly provided by For The Love of Scrubs - Dorchester & Weymouth

Thank you very much!

A beautiful array of rainbows!

all created by our staff and their families

                           rainbow   rain   rain3



childs guide

There have been big changes in our lives because of Coronavirus, so we have created a children's guide to Coronavirus to help explain the situation.

The guide aims to answer children's questions about Coronavirus, tell children how to stay safe and protect other people on how to help them make the best of their time at home. 

Please click on the link - Children's Guide to Coronavirus

Coronavirus symptoms - Do NOT go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital

The most common symptoms of Coronavirus are recent onset of new continuous cough and/or high temperature.  For most people Coronavirus will be a mild illness.

The government is advising you to stay at home if you have Coronavirus symptoms.

  • If you live alone and you have symptoms of Coronavirus illness, however mild, stay at home for 10 days from when your symptoms started.  
  • If you live with others and you are the first in the household to have symptoms of Coronavirus, then you must stay at home for 10 days, but all other household members who remain well must stay at home and not leave the house for 10 days. The 10-day period starts from the day when the first person in the house became ill.
  • Please click here for more information and guidance for households with possible Coronavirus infection

If you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, or your condition gets worse, or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days, then use the NHS 111 online Coronavirus service.

If you do not have internet access, call NHS 111.

For a medical emergency dial 999.


Thank you for all your social distancing efforts. This is so important in halting the spread of the pandemic and allowing our NHS services to cope. In order to comply with this, we are open for booked appointments onlyAll requests for appointments, visits or procedures will be triaged by a GP or Nurse. Please only come to the surgery if you are invited to do so.


The e-consult tool is the preferred method of contact with your GP as you can get a direct reply back without needing to wait on the telephone.

 Consult online

You may drop off your prescription requests in the letter box outside the surgery still or order your prescriptions online. Please provide the surgery with a nominated chemist to send it to as you will not be able to collect prescriptions from the surgery.

Pharmacies are under immense pressure at the moment so please allow as much time as possible before collection. 

  • Online booking: Online bookings can be made, but patients cannot book face to face appointments. Instead you can book telephone appointments. A doctor will call you back and consider whether you need to be seen – and if so will book you into appointments directly. Please ensure that you look out for call backs as the incoming number will be a withheld number. We will endeavour to call you back as near to the appointment time as possible.
  • eConsult: You can submit an electronic consultation online via the website and this will be checked by one of our doctors within 48 hours and replies will come directly back to you.
  • Online access: Online access will enable you to order prescriptions directly with the practice and is a more efficient way of requesting medication - please register for this if not already.
  • Contact details: Please ensure we have an up to date telephone number for you as this is the best way of contacting you.

Please be aware that our team are working extremely hard in exceptionally difficult circumstances to ensure we can provide a safe service for you.  

Thank you for your patience in this difficult time - Leonie Edwards (Practice Manager) 

Click here to view a letter from the GP partners detailing advice and changes

Medical Certificates: If you require a medical certificate this can be emailed to you, if you provide your email address. Please use e-Consult to request medical certificates. You will not be provided with a medical certificate to cover self-isolation or illness from COVID 19 infection. To obtain a note for this click here. This will produce a note to cover you.

Weymouth Leg Clubs

Leg clubs are a new initiative in Weymouth which is part of the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation. 

The clubs focus on the 'social' model and are set in a non-clinical setting, generally in a community or church hall.  They are very informal, with a friendly and social atmosphere where individuals can sit and chat, have a cup of tea or coffee, with the option to join in activities.

There are two permanent Nurses who attend the leg clubs daily, and other nurses from local surgeries make up the leg club team.  All nurses work to best practice guidelines, are specifically trained in leg ulcer care and provide a high standard of care.

if any tests or treatment is required that the leg club cannot provided, they will refer you, or advise you how to get referred to the appropriate service, i.e. vascular/dermatology.

The clubs rely on volunteers who welcome you when you arrive at the club and provide refreshments.  All refreshments are free of charge.  We do however ask for a voluntary donation.  We are a charity and must raise funds to pay for the hire of venues for the clubs.

The aim of the club is to encourage individuals to participate in their care in a social settling which can ease loneliness and provides an environment where you can meet old friends and make new ones.  It also enables people to share their thoughts and experiences with others gaining support and encouragement to take ownership of their leg treatment plan.

Once open wounds are healed, or other issues managed, we encourage individuals to attend on a social basis so we can offer our 'well leg' service where we can help support the maintenance of 'healthy legs'.

Anyone with any problems or concerns involving their legs are welcome.  This includes varicose veins, skin tears, eczema , bites, swollen legs, leaking legs, or open wounds.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Do you have a repeat prescription?

The Electronic Prescription Service is a NHS Service that sends your prescription from a GP surgery to a pharmacy without the need for a paper copy.  All you need to do is nominate a pharmacy of your choice and this pharmacy will receive your prescription form the GP, via the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

With EPS you will not have to visit the surgery to pick up your prescription anymore

You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because you can choose a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop 

EPS is reliable and confidential

Your electronic prescription will only be seen by the same people in GP practices and pharmacies who see your paper prescription now




Having your say helps to improve care for everyone, so please keep putting us to the test by giving us your feedback each time you use our services. 

You can leave feedback on our website, via text or you can ask for a paper version at reception.

Thank you


Free Wi-Fi is here!



Every patient at the surgery is allocated to a named GP, with whom the majority of your appointments will be booked with.

Your care is managed by your named GP to provide continuity of care which we believe is at the very heart of Family General Practice.





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